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Artist | Professional | Varied
So hey, guys! C:

You may call me Gemma and I'm aspiring to become a great Graphic Designer and Illustrator.
I love Pokemon, Sonic and anime / manga more than eating food (that's a lot!) and, although
my style mostly covers fanart, I also create original works. My best medium is traditional
graphite artwork, however I also produce digital art and the occasional sprite.

Amongst all of that I dream of being a published author someday! *prays written talent will be noticed* So I am prone to writing one-shots and fan-fictions - some of which I may post here. People may call me tiny, but I refer to myself as travel-size for your convenience! ;3


If you wanna check out my sketches, please visit my Tumblr!
My PMD (Pokemon) based fanfic, Team StormRiders, can be read here!

Thank you all for your support. <3


3DS Friend Code: 1891 - 1188 - 9725
Friend Safari (Pokemon X): Ice - Snorunt, Bergmite & Cloyster

Art Status:

PAYPAL Accept by Enjoumou Open Comms by Enjoumou No PComms by Enjoumou Ask Trades by Enjoumou Ask Collabs by Enjoumou FO Requests by Enjoumou FO Gifts by Enjoumou


If you wish to commission my art, I encourage you to send me a detailed note regarding what you are after. Unfortunately I only speak English so if you speak another language, I’m sorry, but I won’t understand you.

When you note me:

(Please address the following in your commission)

  • I will only accept commissions with visual references – I will not create a drawing / artwork from a written description. This creates too much confusion.
  • Please know what you want me to draw. If you have a specific scene or pose in mind, let me know.
  • I work in both traditional and digital mediums. Let me know which one you would like prior to the commission.

Regarding Payment:

  • Payment must be made via PayPal or Bank Transfer (Australia only). I will not accept Deviant Art points at this stage. As I am Australian, all prices will be listed in AUD. If you are unsure what the price is in your native currency, please use this converter.
  • All payments will be made up-front (for security reasons) before I start the commission. Please be assured I will complete the work.
  • Invoices will be sent out to a nominated email (PayPal) address. For PayPal commissions please view this link.
  • All payment must be made within 7 days after your commission is accepted. If you have a valid reason for not doing this, I must approve it. If payment is not received within this time frame, your slot will be reopened for the next available customer. Payments will be confirmed via a receipt.
  • Depending on the complexity of the commission, it will take up to a week to complete. If you have any queries during this time, feel free to note me, or ask for any WIP images.

Well, what do you offer?

Good question! At this stage I am able to offer both traditional and digital artwork, including illustration and graphic design. Exact categories, descriptions and pricing are listed below. In the case of certain artworks, pricing is open to negotiation depending on the level of detail. If you are after any work that is not listed here, I encourage you to send me a note!




Please note sketches will always be drawn in pencil, not digitally. The below prices are for a single character only. See “Additional Extras” below for further pricing.
Kizuna Void - Sketches by Gem-n-Ems   Grell x Sebastian - Sketch by Gem-n-Ems Sonic - Howdy by Gem-n-Ems Call Me Cute~! by Gem-n-Ems Why, Hello There! by Gem-n-Ems [Commission] Umbreon by Gem-n-Ems

  • $10 AUD                                                                                                            


  • $20 AUD


  • $25 - $30 AUD


(excludes chibis) Prices change depending on the complexity. All sketches will be sent to you for approval before progressing to the lineart stage.

Sebastian and Grell - Lineart by Gem-n-Ems Fennick - Lineart by Gem-n-Ems
  • $30 AUD 


This includes a character of your choice with digital or traditional colouring.

Link - Chibi by Gem-n-Ems
Enter Eeveelution: Sylveon! by Gem-n-Ems


  • $30 AUD


  • $35 AUD


  • $50 AUD

Digital Flatcolours

This includes the lineart of your character and blocked in colours.

Daemon - Flatcolour by Gem-n-Ems Fennick - Flatcolour by Gem-n-Ems


  • $45 AUD


  • $35 AUD


  • $30 AUD

Full Body

This includes a single character. Additional characters cost an extra 60% of total price (excludes other extras).

Raichu 'Zanna' ID by Gem-n-Ems  Fade Nephilos by Gem-n-Ems Silver the Hedgehog by Gem-n-Ems


  • $70 AUD


  • $80 AUD

Half Body

This includes mainly the head and torso, along will a small section of the lower body.

Tsuri Akume - Cover Image by Gem-n-Ems Kizuna Void - Chapter Page by Gem-n-Ems


  • $50 AUD


  • $60 AUD


This includes the head and upper torso of a character.

[Commission] - May x Wally by Gem-n-Ems


  • $35 AUD


  • $40 AUD



Details to be discussed beforehand.

Simple:                                                 Intermediate:

  Fade Nephilos by Gem-n-Ems Enter Eeveelution: Sylveon! by Gem-n-Ems Spring for Halloween by Gem-n-Ems


  • $5 AUD


  • $10 - $15 AUD


  • $20+ AUD

Additional Characters

50% of the total pricing; excludes extras.


Additional Objects

Such as detailed objects, weapons, a plush/small pet etc.
  • $10 AUD (TBD)


These will be close-up digital / traditional artworks.

Link Icon by Gem-n-Ems Sylveon Icon by Gem-n-Ems
  • $20 AUD


All illustrative commissions that don’t cover character art must be discussed with me, as prices are finicky and I can’t give you an exact quote until I know what I’ll be drawing. If this is the case, please send me a note so we can work it out. C:

Beautiful World by Gem-n-Ems Spike the Cockatiel by Gem-n-Ems Prowler by Gem-n-Ems Spring for Halloween by Gem-n-Ems Heart of Bendigo by Gem-n-Ems

Rules / FAQ

  • I will draw OCs, Sonic art, Pokemon, anime / manga related art, animals / pets and realism. Portraits are not my strong suit, however I will still draw them. If you want something drawn that is not listed here (especially illustrative works), please note me.
  • Characters will only be drawn with a visual reference. I will not draw based on a written description, and I will not create anything. It’s not my job to think for you.
  • If your commission has any explicit content, I cannot accept it.
  • No more than three additional characters per artwork will be accepted.
  • If I cannot handle your request, the commission will be denied.
  • Your commission will only be started after payment has been received. If you have a valid reason otherwise, I must approve it.
  • I will only accept up to four commissions at a time. Once all slots are filled any further commission requests will be ignored. You can keep track of the slot openings via status updates, and my profile page.
  • I do not do requests; so don’t ask for them. Requests are gifts for friends only. My time and work are too valuable to be given away for free.
  • ALL of my commissions are for personal use ONLY. You are to not to resell / distribute the artwork, or claim it as yours, in any way. If you wish to purchase the rights for any given artwork it must be discussed with me first.
  • At this stage I do not ship artwork. However, if I am doing a traditional piece for you, the shipping cost may be worked out prior to the commission.
  • Please note that PayPal fees will be included in your invoice and will generally only be up to a couple of dollars difference from the listed prices.


If a commission cannot be finished due to specified reasons (eg. I get sick, my computer crashes, or my dog ate your artwork), you will receive a full refund. For all other artwork, refunds will only be granted during the initial stages. Once the sketch has been approved any refund request will be denied. Please note any artwork that is considered a sketch will not be refunded.

Commission Slots

  1. --

  2. --

  3. --

  4. --

That about sums it up! If you have any further queries or questions, please don’t hesitate to send me a note! I’m very friendly; which you can see by my constant use of emoticons. --> C: n.n :3

  • Playing: Pokemon Yellow


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